who we are

Proudly woman-owned, Trinity Construction Services is your go-to contractor throughout the United States. Our team has decades of experience in both the roofing and construction industries. However, our company's story goes much deeper than that. Our approach to construction is founded on our company's character and ethics.
From the top-down, both our leadership and our team members are committed to a higher ethical standard. In fact, these ethics are ingrained in and embraced by each person at Trinity. We simply treat customers the way we want to be treated.
In addition, we follow through with the things we say we'll do. With every project, we strive to over-deliver on expectations. Our customers have our focus and we make each project a priority.
What our customers tell others about Trinity is that we have a reputation as a company with integrity. As a result, we want to keep building our reputation and keep it going strong.

Community Outreach

We value community outreach and give back to the community in significant ways. As a result, we have donated funds, time, and talent to non-profits in the Denver area. Community service is a core element of who we are as a commercial roofing company. We exist to serve others and the commercial roofing business helps us achieve that goal.

When you do business with Trinity, you partner with us to make the world a better place. And to us, that's not just good business, it’s the best kind of life.