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Trinity is excited to provide residential roofing options for homeowners across the USA. Quality workmanship is our #1 goal followed closely by staying on time and on budget. We use only the highest-rated materials that will stand the test of time (and weather!). Our team will assist you in choosing the BEST roof for your home; one that will not only protect your family but will also be aesthetically pleasing. Insurance questions? We can help! Trinity has been working alongside insurance companies for 30+ years and can help make the process an easy one.

 Residential Roofing Projects

Arts 11 Scope of Work

March 2002
Approx. square footage: 1400
Fort Logan, Co.
- Remove and replace the roof system and decking on the ARTS #11 historic building
- Install new EPDM fully adhered single-ply roof
- Install new Parapet cap metal
- Install new scuppers and collector heads
- Install new downspouts

JR Home Scope Of Work

- Remove 53 sq asphalt shingle roof system
- Replace 53 sq asphalt shingle roof system with OC Class 4 Shingle
- Detach and reset all gutters and downspouts
- Tie in shingle roof system to work with metal roof system on house

JL Scope of Work

November 2021
Approx. 2300 square feet

- Remove EPDM fully adhered roof system down to deck
- Install new cover board and taper system
- Install new Tan TPO fully adhered roof system
- Enlarge and install new through wall scuppers
- Add new collector heads and downspouts
- Redo stucco for the modified scuppers for the exterior

- Manage mold mitigation from roof leak
- Remove and install new insulation and sheetrock
- Match the hand trowel Spanish knockdown finish
- Repaint

MK Scope of Work

November 2021
Approx. Sq Ft: 5100
- Remove and replace roof system and underlayment
- Remove and replace 40 exterior windows
- Remove and install gutters
- Repaint exterior
- Reconstruct deck pending June 2022

MM Scope of Work

November 2021
Approx. 4400 square feet
- Remove and replace roof system
- Installed new gutters and downspouts