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Your roof protects your business from the elements, keeping you safe, dry, and sheltered. Over time, however, it’s subject to significant wear and tear. High winds, hail storms, snow, rain, and other weather events can degrade your roof system, causing leaks or structural damage. As a result, you need to partner with a Denver commercial roofing company that knows how to keep your roof in tip-top shape year-round.

Trinity Commercial Roofing, a division of Trinity Construction Services, relieves the headache of roofing for businesses throughout the Denver area and the rest of the United States. We take all of your roofing issues off your plate, allowing you to focus on high-value business endeavors. Whether you’re dealing with storm damage, leaking, ice damming, or more, our roofing experts ensure the health of your roof for the long term. We’re an MWBE, SBE, and DBE certified, fully insured roofing contractor, and we strive to be your one-stop shop for commercial roofing in Denver.

Top-to-Bottom Strategic Planning for Denver Commercial Roofing Projects

At Trinity Commercial Roofing, we’re committed to helping you complete your roofing projects on time, within budget, and as safely as possible. Other roofing contractors tend to offer cookie-cutter solutions for roofing issues that require a custom approach. We take the time to understand your business’s goals and work with you to develop a tailor-made solution that helps you achieve them.

Are you looking to install a new roof so that you can sell the building? Or are you planning on staying there for the long term? As your Denver roofing contractor, we help you establish the best course of action for your commercial roofing needs—we’ll be by your side from initial planning to project completion.

High-Quality Materials for Any Roof Type

Every commercial building is constructed differently and has unique roofing needs. At Trinity Commercial Roofing, we offer a wide selection of roofing materials to provide your building with exceptional thermal protection. Our roofing materials include:

  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • Coating systems
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • And more

High-Quality Materials for Any Roof Type

At Trinity Commercial Roofing, we know that maintenance, repairs, and unforeseen roofing issues can be overwhelming for many businesses. Contact us today to schedule a roofing consultation, and let’s discuss how we relieve the stress of commercial roofing in Denver and support your business.

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Our Comprehensive Denver Commercial Roofing Services

Trinity Commercial Roofing provides a number of commercial roofing services for businesses in the Denver area and throughout the United States. Our services allow you to extend the lifespan of your roofing system, proactively manage wear and tear, and even reduce energy costs.

Roof Inspections

The first step of any roofing project is a comprehensive roof inspection. This will provide essential insight into the overall health of your roofing system and allow us to build a strategic roofing plan that fits your needs. Our project managers are drone certified and use camera-mounted drones to perform an exhaustive exterior inspection without ever setting foot on your roof. This improves safety and also limits the amount of foot traffic on your roof, which can contribute to wear and tear.

We recommend that you have your roof inspected on a regular basis, either biannually or after a significant weather event.

Roof Maintenance

Regular, proactive maintenance keeps your roof intact and helps you avoid significant roof problems down the road. During routine maintenance, we look for minor issues within your roof system, such as cracks, leaks, or warps in your roofing materials. Left unaddressed, these small problems can worsen over time, exposing your building to significant water or structural damage. These issues can also reduce the energy efficiency of your building, making you pay more each month for heating and cooling. We meticulously comb through your entire roof system and tackle these problems so they don’t cause you trouble in the future.

Roof Repairs

Even with regular, proactive maintenance, your roof will experience damage from hail, rain, wind, or debris. Our experienced roofing professionals are well-equipped to handle all your roofing needs, whether you have roof leaks, punctures, or even decaying support beams. We safely repair your roof in a prompt and professional fashion, allowing you to focus on your business.

Roof Replacements

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or has incurred significant damages from a weather event, you may need more than just roof repairs. At Trinity Commercial Roofing, we help you understand the causes of your roofing issues and establish an effective plan for replacement. When we replace your commercial roof, you can rest assured your building will be weatherproof and safe for years to come.

Insurance Claims

Dealing with roof insurance claims can be overwhelming for many business owners. Fortunately, Trinity Commercial Roofing can handle the entire process for you, from the initial inspection to claim settlement. We strive to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on business-critical tasks.

Commercial Roofing in Denver, CO, for Any Facility

No matter your industry, you need a roof that keeps the elements out and allows you to focus on doing business. At Trinity Commercial Roofing, we’re committed to providing expert roofing services for a variety of commercial buildings, including:

  • Government buildings
  • Schools
  • Retail establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial facilities
  • Churches and nonprofit organizations

Keeping History Intact

Many buildings, such as churches, schools, or government facilities have historical significance and require special care to be maintained properly. We provide commercial roofing in Denver that helps you maintain the historical value of your property without compromising the quality of its roof.

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