Guide to Preparing Your Roof for the Winter

With winter weather comes snow, ice, and other undesirable weather conditions for your roof. Prepare your roof for winter with these helpful tips, and confidently brave the cold.

Why Should You Prepare Your Roof for Winter?

Winter months can take a toll on the integrity of your roof and expose any underlying issues. You need to inspect the health of your roof to avoid costly repairs or even a total roof replacement. Be prepared for the severe weather and inspect your roof before it hits. Here are some common causes of roof issues during the winter months.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice weigh on your roof and expose leaks as they melt. Make sure the roof can support the weight of the snow and properly drain through the gutters to keep your building or residence warm and covered. Don’t wait until snow and ice melt to find the leaks in your roof.

Extreme Temperatures

Sealants can crack and cause damage in cold temperatures. This problem can lead to leaks and weak points in the roof itself. An improperly insulated roof can also bring cold temperatures inside and lead to higher utility costs. Checking for moisture and animals in your insulation can ensure a smoother winter season.

Ice Dams

Ice Dams form in the gutters due to improper draining and freezing temperatures. The ice continues to form up the gutters onto the roof and can weigh down the gutters and damage your roof. Talk to a roofing professional about what gutters work best with your roof to help prevent these from forming.

Solar Panel Inspections and Preparations

Making sure your solar panels are prepared for the winter as well is crucial. Adjusting the angle of the panels not only optimizes the sunlight but allows the snow to fall off more easily. Keep an eye on the snow that accumulates, and keep them free of snow if possible. Double-check that battery backups are correctly insulated and the setup is properly maintained. This ensures your home is up and running all winter.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

If you have never had a roof maintenance plan, it is important to do a full inspection of your roof before winter arrives. Here are some of the things you can do for your roof to counter the issues listed above:

  • Clean your gutters: cleaning your gutters helps ensure proper drainage. After or during the autumn season when leaves and loose branches have fallen, making sure there are no blockages in your drain systems helps prevent ice dams.
  • Roof inspection: Hiring a professional roofing company to inspect the roof before the winter can help diagnose any outstanding problems. A professional should look over flashings, sealants, and insulation. Roof maintenance plans typically have an exhaustive list covering all areas that need inspection.
  • Replacements and repairs: After the inspection, repairs and replacements should be done before further damage ensues. Timeliness is essential here because repairs may become increasingly expensive the longer they remain unresolved.
  • Attic insulation and moisture: The inside of your roof is equally as important as the outside. Moisture in the attic can indicate a more significant issue with the roof but can also lead to ice dams or water damage inside. Inspecting the attic ventilation can keep the insulation from needing replacement and repairs.
  • Solar panel adjustments: Have your roofing contractor or solar contractor check the state of your panels, and if needed, make adjustments to maximize your energy over the winter. This aids in countering the decrease in daylight hours and undesirable weather.

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The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance plans are put in place to ensure the longevity of your roof. Proper care and regular checkups diagnose and tackle minor issues as they arrive, making repairs less expensive. Typical maintenance plans require a checkup or inspection twice a year or annually. Newer roofs have a recommended maintenance plan that often comes with the warranty or otherwise is charged by the square foot. Proactively fixing things helps save time and money.

Routine maintenance secures a functional and efficient roof year-round. Finding a good roofing contractor to keep your roof up to date is essential, too. If you are consistently facing big-ticket repairs on your roof or putting off an inspection until it is too late, now is the time to establish a roof maintenance plan with a trusted provider.

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor for Your Pre-Winter Inspection

Having a roofing contractor who knows your needs and goals makes for a good match. Furthermore, a good contractor is detailed and transparent about their work. If one company installs your roof, check to see if they also offer maintenance plans. There is a good chance they do and can continue to serve you and your new roof. A complete history of the roof and its work is also available for all parties to look at.

Accolades and certifications are also a good meter of credibility in roofing companies. A well-established company has experience and expertise in their field. Local companies have a good grasp on the weather patterns and can anticipate the challenges of being in a particular climate.

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